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Our Company Logo Bag Series

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The NEW Extra Large Dice Bag (Just Released)

Hi There

Been tabletop gaming for a long time?

Have you used Crown Royal bags or super small leather pouches, ziplock bags or even socks to hold all your dice?

I have… and I got sick of it!

I got fed up with never being able to find a cool enough dice bag to hold all of my dice sets. They were always too small or looked super lame or were made out of lame materials.

Visiting local dice shops to play my favorites: AD&D, Pathfinder or WoD it was always a terrible moment when I had to unleash my handfuls of dice on the table (from my backpack pocket) and not really being cool about it.

Looking around, I saw that everyone was in the same dilemma: Crown Royal bags, small wooden boxes, super-tiny leather pouches that can maybe hold one set of seven die… I have even seen (and used) socks.

This madness has to stop now fellow gamers. So I have created the Third Die dice bag.

These little beauties

  • stand open on the table
  • come in many colors
  • are reversible

  • soft on the hands
  • hold well over 100 dice
  • pull closed tight

  • hand made
  • and are built to last

So my gaming friends, I have released the first in the series of super killer dice bags, I call these the “company bags” because they have the ultra-enigmatic logo on the outside.

One more super-secret company bag will round out the collection to 7 and then I have 4 Celtic bags coming down the line along with 8 more mind-vaporizing bags that you will not believe even AFTER you’ve seen them.

So I invite you to join in this great quest of mine to create the perfect roleplaying dice bag.

Join the discussions (or be a guest poster) here in the Journal, or on Facebook and let’s see how far I can take these wonderful bags.

Trust me.. it will be far *wink*



  • Thank you very much for this E-Mail as it just goes to show how much you care for your product and customers! A quality that is sadly in short supply nowadays. ANYWAY! I wanted to respond to let you know that I received my bag, and I gotta say it has FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t expecting much, considering how affordable it was. Most dice bags that look as cool with a good quality fetch a hefty sum… But this bag, I loved it from the second I ripped it from the packaging. […]


  • Hey guys, I wanted to write and let you know how happy I am with my new bag from Third Die. Last night was the first game to which I brought it, and it served very well. I got no end of compliments on the looks and functionality of the bag. I never would have thought that having a bag that could stand like that would be so convenient, but it’s GREAT! I easily fit all of my dice (probably about 80 or so) as well as a mobile phone charger. The other folks in my group guessed I’d spent […]

    My Awesome Dice Bag

  • I just wanted to say that this bag was an amazing purchase. Not only do I personally LOVE the design, feel, and functionality of the bag, but my friends all had very positive things to say about it! I am a man who is interested first and foremost in functionality, and that is what drew me to your product. It just seemed to fit my needs perfectly. That said, I am a sucker for beautiful items that add to my collection, and I am pleased to say that this purchase is exactly that: Functional, beautiful, and a purchase I am […]

    Ian Stoneking

  • It’s probably the best dice bag I’ve ever owned. I love the fact that I can pick out my favorite dice sets a lot quicker without needing to dump out the entire bag. I GM a lot and sometimes introduce games to new people. So I bring a large set of dice to accommodate my players. I haven’t tried to bag inside out yet, but Im more than happy with the dark blue on the outside. I’m recommending it to all my friends who play (in fact, I already showed it off to a close friend!). Thank you so much […]

    Don LaBarge

  • The quality for of this bag is the very first thing I noticed taking out of the package. It feels great and has a ton of storage. I am using it for a game that only has 26 dice, but I could easily fit 4 times that amount. One of the things that convinced me to buy it is the fact that it stands. This works perfectly for the game I use it for since each person at the table use the same dice so we can just put the bag in the middle and pull out dice as needed, […]

    E Karr

  • This bag is amazing! the materials are as soft as the bag is well crafted. The shipment was quick and the quality is superb. What takes the cake though, is the customer service. Upon receiving the bag I got an email from the company wishing me well and extending a communication line in case there were any problems. The bag is perfect, but I have no doubt if anything was wrong they would help in an incredibly fast timeframe. At the end of the day this is just a dice bag, so personal preference in colors or emblems will take […]


  • One of the best dice bags I have ever used. This is coming from someone who has used everything from old tube socks to custom leather dice bags. For me being some one who has the tendency to be the one supplying the entire group with dice, as either a gm or a player introducing other people to rpgs, this could not be better. It holds over a hundred dice easily as stays open and upright on the table. No more fumbling around in a dice bag to find 20d6 for a dragon’a breath weapon. You have easy access to […]

    William Wright

Currently there are 6 wonderful bags in our collection. We have immediate plans to develop more bags with different colors and yes, different logos as well.

But we need your help.

Please visit the labs and cast your vote on our upcoming ideas so we know what gamers need.