Bag of Hoarding Packaging Gets a Facelift

Bag of Hoarding Packaging Gets a Facelift

So the extra large Bag of Hoarding has been a tremendous success. I never thought it would catch on the way it has, I actually thought the large bag (which hold 450+ dice) would just fit the needs of a “few” gamers.

Well, I am currently sold out for the 2nd time. In fact I have a hard time keeping these in stock. So I decided to expand and I created another color:

So now that I understand the the Bag of Hoarding is a standard Third Die product I started to really take a look at the packaging and fiddled with the idea that the card labels should be larger.

Well I have taken that idea a little further.

The new cards will be 6.5×5 inches, thicker and coated, they also will be color-coordinated to the bag in the package.

Although not final, here is a mock up of the green and blue bag packaging cards:

The bags with the new cards will be available in January 2017. No additional colors are planned in this line.

I think that may change…


  1. Love it, as always, keep up the great work.

  2. Any plans to restock/increase the colors available for your Bag of Hoarding? I have your "standard" bag, and I love it, but it is too small. Would love one (or two) of your larger bags! Thanks.

    1. Have major plans yes :) Very popular bags... will be in stock in a month or so.


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