Celtic Cross Test Printing V2

Celtic Cross Test Printing V2

This is an update to Celtic Cross Test Printing  V1.

Continuing this heat-press printing technique (and trying to get this icon to look cool) I have increased the temperature so that I can get some crisper lines in this design.

I think I have achieved pretty good lines but I am not happy with the wrinkling that has already occurred and the bag is not even being used yet.

So really the quality is not up to snuff for me at this point but I HAVE to be able to lay on some intricate designs.

So maybe these bumps and wrinkles are just caused by my fabric and these will be ok .. I have to bend this fabric back and forth repeatedly to see if I can get some wear and tear and break this print down on this fabric.

Last thing I want is some player’s bag showing cracks and pieces missing off the super cool Celtic icon.

I will update this post after I do some tests.


  1. Eager for them to arrive in the store!

  2. I like the look of them as-is, but if you're not happy with the quality, then do, please, hold out for better!


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