Celtic Medal Dice Bag Packaging Revealed

Celtic Medal Dice Bag Packaging Revealed

Take a look at the new Celtic Medal dice bag packaging cards I just finished. These are off to the printers so they are final !

I was a little hesitant about using the medals as the logo replacement on the packaging, but in the end I think it looks great.

I am imagining going into a game shop and seeing a rack with my dice bags on them, the packaging helps you know what kind of bag it is ..

Well, that’s the idea.. it also sets a precedent that each series I create have to follow this methodology.. so I suppose the main bag logo will be here ?

The one on the left is being shipped now and will retail for $20.. I think that’s fair considering what I just put the metal smith through to design this haha.

Also note, the bag on the right is a spoiler! First public release of what the second medal in the series is going to be.. metal smith again is workinghar on this one, it has three layers of metal carvings !

When can you get them ?

Mid December on Amazon, a little sooner here on Third-Die.com.




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