Hello, must admit that I am not much of a “blogger” but I have put together this little area that I call the journal. It allows me to update anyone interested on the various projects I am working on and thinking about. I am seriously trying to post much more frequently but that is a little challenging right now as I am working on “the important stuff” and not really composing my ideas on the screen.

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New Large Dice Bag Plus Packaging Tweak

A new large red dice bag makes it’s appearance as well as special colored packaging for each large bag.

April 2018 – Giveaway

Ok this is the first version of our own internal giveaway system. By creating this your information is kept safe.

Look at this new fabric I found

Look at this new gold fabric I found….

Rose City Comic Con 2017

This year we are attending the Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. BOOTH 962 🙂

ComicCon Palm Springs 2017

CC Palm Springs is over and my oh my was it a lot of work! Talking to hundreds of people, keeping the energy high, and being on your feet all day long..
A day in the life of a convention vendor we had so much fun.

Palm Springs Comic Con 2017

So a few months back we were invited to attend Comic Con Palm Springs. After evaluating the attractions (speakers, guests and events) we didn't hesitate to throw our hat into the ring. So, we are officially in booth 805 in the near middle of everywhere, a coveted spot for any vendor and man we are [...]

Two New Labs 7 and 8

Hey there gamers, tabletop gamers and dice bag enthusiasts... I have a couple of new ideas that I like to bounce off you in the  latest section of the "Labs" page. It would be valuable for me to know what gamers want and would love to collect your one click vote on these two [...]

Iron Ons Work?

Well it seems that our customer Juan wanted to iron on a patch and asked me it it would ruin the bag. I told him to go for it and let’s find out (I had his back). Here is a picture of the successful results…

Bag of Hoarding Packaging Gets a Facelift

So the extra large Bag of Hoarding has been a tremendous success. I never thought it would catch on the way it has, I actually thought the large bag (which hold 450+ dice) would just fit the needs of a "few" gamers. Well, I am currently sold out for the 2nd time. In fact I [...]

Blue Bag of Hoarding

I am looking at the new, 2nd color for the Bag of Hoarding series right now! It.. is hmmm pretty cool – hahahaa. Not really the color I was exactly shooting for but a sturdy blue bag.. I haven’t even photographed it yet 🙂 It is the flagship navy with white logo with what I can […]

Elements Dice Bag Project Update

Wow exciting bags coming down the chute here shortly.

This is among several “pet projects” that I deeply want to do. I had to start somewhere so this is the early stages of this project.

Finally the Celtic Series Medals are Done

The fire forges have been kind to me and I have finally got the 4 medals I have sought for. This is the 4th iteration (and final) of medal creation for this series. The two previously released medals as seen below have done very well. I am pleased that the quality of the bag resonated […]

The Dragon Celtic Medal Hits the Market

The second Celtic medal (the Celtic Dragon) hits the market tonight. I am on the fence with the design.

Mired in Development – April

Wow, as I write this, Third Die is a pretty damn good dice bag! I thank you all very much for your business and support 🙂 This post is about my push into new ideas and some of the setbacks and lurches forward when designing my next super fantastic dice bag design … This is […]

4 Elements Bag Series Taking Shape

So I have been making custom fabrics lately and this is my first attempt.

Just wanted to share the idea for the icons and the results on some pretty rough cloth.

The Black Void Bag Appears

This is my first attempt at making the “Obsidian” bag and really, this is the “Void” bag.

Black on black with black logo.

Bag of Hoarding Packaging Sneak Peek

Well, been playing around with the idea of custom art for new releases.

This would be the first packaging. I am thinking about this dragon hoarding all this dice …

Rough draft but close 🙂

“Hoarders” Bag Prototype

Hey there, I get requests here and there from players that have larger dice collections and if I would make a larger bag. Well, my first attempt is off the production table and well, it’s BIG. The new hoarder bag is the gray one on the left, vs my standard sized bag on the right). […]

We are attending Rustycon 33

Hey all 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that we will be at our FIRST show in Seattle Jan 15-17! RUSTYCON 33 If the deities are willing, we will actually get a table there and be slinging our newest wares. Including: Debuting our newest Celtic Medal dice bag “Celtic Dragon” Debuting our black “Hoarder’s […]

Guerrilla Marketing V1

So I was designing bags, looking at colors, options… taking with artists and metal smiths and I got to thinking: “How can I expose these bags to game shops all over the USA?” I thought of bulk mailing.. yeah making a flyer that I can send to shops all over the America and they can […]

Celtic Medal Dice Bag Packaging Revealed

Take a look at the new Celtic Medal dice bag packaging cards I just finished. These are off to the printers so they are final ! I was a little hesitant about using the medals as the logo replacement on the packaging, but in the end I think it looks great. I am imagining going […]

Celtic Cross Test Printing V2

Continuing this heat-press printing technique (and trying to get this icon to look cool) I have increased the temperature so that I can get some crisper lines in this design.

New Celtic Medal Bags

Whew, this post has been hanging around in my head for a little while now and I was waiting until I got some good photos of our new product before I posted but there’s a couple things tugging on me:

Dragon Con Atlanta, GA Sept 2015

Third Die was happy to provide 6 premium dice bags to help with the festivities at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia in September.

My contact Chris Conrad was running 5 games of Exalted (White Wolf) during the event and wanted some dice bags to offer as prizes.

Oh yeah !

Celtic Cross Test Printing V1

Whilst messing around with a complicated (yet elegant)  Celtic cross design for our new Celtic dice bags, I stumbled upon a new printing technique that allows for really fine lines (and thus some pretty complicated designs) to apply to our excellent fabric we use. In this test we used some scrap green fabric just for […]

Our New Journal Has Launched

This is a quick inaugural post that really will start off the journal area. Here you can find latest news on dice bag designs, new stores carrying our bags, event pictures submitted both by myself and Third Die fans. Crazy new ideas are broken here first and for the lucky few ... some Third Die [...]