Bag of Hoarding – Navy Blue & Dark Gray

You asked for additional colors of our extra large dice bag and so we built this one with a rich navy blue exterior and medium dark gray interior.

The extra large “Bag of Hoarding” dice bag will hold a whopping 450+ standard polyhedral dice!

Still stands upright and open on the table, still cinches and locks closed.

If you have way too many dice, then this dice bag is for you!

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This is the latest (2nd) release in the Bag of Hoarding series.

One of two large dice bags we produce so far, this functional bag is designed with our flagship navy blue exterior and a bluish, dark gray interior.

A Bag of Hoarding will hold more than 450 standard polyhedral dice comfortably and close tight. Your hoard is safe and portable (if you must).

This dice bag will improve your tabletop and RPG game play with these additional killer advantages:

  • Hold a Ton of Dice – This bag will hold 450+ dice, see the pictures!
  • Microfiber Material – Soft on the hands, nice when you are fishing around for a d20!
  • Double Layer Construction – It’s reversible like having two dice bags in one!
  • Tightly Double Stitched – This bag will last pretty close to forever!
  • 4 Inch Square Bottom – Stands wide open on the table to grab dice easily!
  • Closes and Locks Tight – Don’t foolishly spill your dice everywhere!

The sturdy and thick-walled bag is not only reversible but stands open on the table and is soft on the hands every time you reach in.

This wonderful handcrafted series of super cool and useful dice bags are created by gamers FOR gamers so that we can store the stuff that lets us shoot, slash, stab, cast, dodge, decide and gamble our way to fame glory or death!

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Weight 2.7 oz

Inside Color

Dark Gray

Outside Color

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4 reviews for Bag of Hoarding – Navy Blue & Dark Gray

  1. NerdHut

    The first thing I did when I received my Bag of Hoarding was to plop all my dice into it, bags and all. I currently have about a hundred dice, and even still inside the old bags, there’s tons of room to grow my collection. The material is pretty sturdy; it’s two layers of a velvety fabric, and sewn together pretty solidly. Just as promised, the bag stands upright when open thanks to its shape and material. I will be recommending this to all my friends and anyone else who goes looking for bags.

  2. Mark (verified owner)

    I purchased a Bag of Hoarding to easily transport all the various tokens, dice, and small measuring tools I use to play several tabletop games. I was impressed by how, even with all of that inside, I still had ample room to put another entire dice bag, with dice inside, inside.

    At the actual gaming table, getting the stuff I needed from the Bag of Hoarding was made easier by the way it stands open. Excellent gaming bag!

  3. Stefi (verified owner)

    A beautiful blue bag capable of holding a lot of dice! Fully reccomend!

  4. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this bag for holding my growing dice collection, if I were to have to give it one critique it’s that the strings seem a bit thin and I am afraid that I may break them when I pull the bag closed, however that is just a personal preference and if I really wanted I could replace the strings with thicker ones, overall it is a great bag that is 100% worth the price

    • Leif Croonquist

      Thank you so much for the kind words. Guess what? The strings don’t break.
      I know, I know they look super thin and weak but they are made out of super strong fiber…. I STILL have my initial test dice bags, the prototypes that use these strings after 4 years those strings WONT break.

      The knots on the ends of the strings will however become untied, simple enough to re-tie them but I am wondering how to fuse the ends… maybe tie the strings when they are wet, tie them really super tight. Then when the strings dry they will be fused tightly?

      Something I am working on. Anyway, after a cuple years selling these bags, not one report of a broken string.
      Yet (Murphy’s Law).

      Rest assured my friend and thank you for your business 🙂 🙂 🙂


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