Bag of Hoarding – Deep Green & Moss Green

The extra large “Bag of Hoarding” dice bag will hold a whopping 450+ standard polyhedral dice!

The deep green exterior fabric and mossy green interior has been adopted from the green bag in the Celtic Medal series.

I just really love that combination of greens and so built this bag with a dark green Third Die emblem.

Great for keeping ALL of your dice in one place.

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You asked for a larger dice bag so we built one!

The large “Bag of Hoarding” dice bag by Third Die will hold a whopping 450+ dice!

It also stands upright and open on the table, great for sorting or rummaging through dice.

Cinches and locks closed tightly. Available in 2 colors… this one is a handsome deep green with a mossy green interior color and a dark green Third Die emblem.

If you have way too many dice, then this dice bag is for you!

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Weight 2.7 oz

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Ash Green

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9 reviews for Bag of Hoarding – Deep Green & Moss Green

  1. Regnierx7 (verified owner)

    This bag has a nice velvety feel to it, sturdy stitching, and it’s definitely massive. My only problem, and the reason why it loses one star, is that I’m worried about the draw string. No issues with them thus far, but I’m concerned about their longevity. I wish they were a little bit thicker.

    That being said, this bag is still a fantastic value for the money. You can hold multiple pound-0-dice worth of dice into it, with room for those tiny single-set dice bags as well. I actually feel the need to buy more random and strange dice, to fill it out more.

  2. Andrew Klann (verified owner)

    ONE BAG TO RULE THEM ALL! Has that been said yet. I feel at this point that should have been said. Well I am taking credit for saying it because I totally think this is true. Third Die makes the best bags on the market. This Bag is made out of strong and beautiful fabric. I have a few of these bags now. I am a DM so I like to keep lots of dice around for people who may not have their own. I also have my own bag for playing. I use the smaller Third Die bags as compartments. Holds multiple systems of dice in multiple bags without mixing. It does this with room to spare. Of course there are multiple other features. It stands on its own with or without dice. Mouth of the bag opens wide so you can grab dice without digging and spilling. It closes securely and will not open accidentally. Made out of strong yet beautiful fabric. This bag holds more dice than nature intended and it is glorious.

  3. Danny (verified owner)

    This bag is amazing and luxurious, I feel like I’ve bought the Cadillac of dice bags. I recently bought one of the smaller bags for my fiancée and we both loved the material and the quality of the product. Having seen the one I ordered for her I knew I would have to have the bag of hording, I love dice as any table top gamer does so buying one of the smaller bags just wouldn’t cut it for me. To my surprise when it arrived it was actually bigger than I though it would be, we had just ordered a pound o dice and another half pound before that, with both of those and the collection of dice I had before this thing is no where near being full. It has great stitching and the opening will not accidently pop open on you spilling your tiny treasures. I do agree that the draw cords do feel a bit thin and I think that they could be improved with a thicker cord, but for only 17 dollars this bag is a great deal that is well worth the money. If I need presents for friends or if I just decided to get more bags I will be ordering this brand.

  4. mikehayton (verified owner)

    Excellently crafted bag. Well worth the price, a bargain really. Only complaint has more to do with my dice hoarding than the bag – would really like it to be even BIGGER!

    • Leif

      That’s why I made more than one of them hehehe 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words! Enjoy the bag my friend !

  5. brian

    Stands up nice!
    Excellent construction.
    Holds about 400 dice (which is not enough).
    You never have too many dice, you just need bigger monsters.

  6. James (verified owner)

    I have three of the smaller bags for dice and such and bought this one on a whim. It’s huge! I’m not sure what I am going to use it for yet but I’m sure it’s going to come in handy. Nice bag!

  7. dsrl91 (verified owner)

    Like all Third-Die bags, this deep-green-bag-of-hoarding-450+-dice-I-don’t-even-own-yet is made wonderfully. The size is more than what you practically need, but can be used to store some other accessories or a giant amount of random dice. To top it off, Third-die offers the best material any dice bag window shopper is looking for right this moment.

    If there’s something I can say against this bag it is in its size. Really. Not its storage capacity, but in the subtle detail. Larger bag = more fabric = more to pull closed. What I mean here is that I fear for the draw string sometimes. This, and the fact that there’s more cloth to cinch shut, meaning it will look a lot more bulkier. Although, so far so good, I’m sure their bags have gone through rigorous testing to make sure that the quality in their product is top notch.

    Thanks Third-Die! Will be featuring this on my blog, too! 😀 This is 1 of the 3 dice bags I got from you. 😀

  8. josh tabor (verified owner)

    love this bag, have had crown royal bags for years but always a pain, this one stands up open and holds twice what a crown royal bag dose.

  9. Splayed (verified owner)

    This is my third bag. I originally had too many dice to fit in one of the smaller bags and this is a great step up. I like to have several dice so that I may change out what isn’t rolling well and have specific dice for the character I am playing. Plus to see the look on the faces of my fellow players. I really like the quality and the color. I am not a fan of gold, but the gold logo is subtle enough for my taste. It currently holds 2.5 pounds of dice. Still isn’t full. Stands up well. It’s also great that I can put another bag inside without it exploding.

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